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Hargreaves Foundation (UK)

The Hargreaves Foundation is a grant-making charitable foundation set up in 2020 by Peter Hargreaves and his family.  Applications are open for charities and educational institutions seeking funding to support those under the age of 18, and living with a mental health problem, physical disability or growing up in poverty through the mediums of sport and education.

Groundwork - The Mayor of London EURO 2020 Grants (London)

Groundwork is a federation of charities working nationally and locally to transform lives in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. Through the Mayor of London EURO 2020 Grants programme Groundwork is working with the Mayor of London to provide funding of up to £10,000 so that all Londoners to have the chance to engage with EURO 2020 by creating positive, meaningful opportunities for local communities across the capital. Successful grant applications will enrich and bring communities together, tackle prejudices, improve health and break down barriers.

Groundwork - GLA Grants Stronger Communities Fund (London)

Groundwork is a federation of charities working nationally and locally to transform lives in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. Through the GLA Grants - Stronger Communities Fund programme Groundwork is working with the Mayor of London to provide grants of between £2,000 to £10,000,  to projects that encourage and facilitate social integration between different groups through physical activity.

Sport England - The Community Asset Fund (England)

The Community Asset Fund is a programme dedicated to enhancing the spaces in local communities within England that give people the opportunity to be active.  This can include non traditional spaces such as canal towpaths, woodlands and open spaces – all with potential to be used and enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle.

Places to Ride Legacy Programme (England)

The Places to Ride Legacy programme will fund the development of multi-use facilities to engage with a broad spectrum of cyclists and to encourage people who have never cycled before to get on their bikes. This will also include a small grants fund for the improvement of existing cycling facilities and supporting opportunities to ride in communities across England.  Applications can be submitted at any time and decisions will be made every 12 weeks.  

Mayor of London – Active Londoners (London)

The main aim of the Active Londoners fund is to get more people in London participating, more often, in a wider range of sport and physical activity. The programme is open to both individuals and organisations. Active Londoners programme provides small and medium grants of up to £5,000 for a small local project or event that will take up to 12 weeks to complete or between £25,000 and £75,000 for a larger project that will take up to 12 months to complete.

The London Community Foundation – Active Communities (London)

The Active Communities Fund aims to support groups who deliver sport and physical activity opportunities that will result in more inactive people getting active. The fund is keen to encourage activity within communities and will support a diverse range of organisations, not just the traditional sports groups. In addition to increasing levels of physical activity, support will also be provided to groups who harness sport and physical activity to connect with the community; to engage and inspire those facing disadvantage, to reconnect people with society and to provide hope of turning lives around. Funding of between £1,000 and £10,000 is available to groups delivering activity in one or more of the following four priority boroughs - Barnet, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Waltham Forest.

The London Community Foundation – Peabody Community Fund (London)

The Peabody Community Fund provides grants of between £500 and £30,000 for up to 2 years to fund local activities which improve the quality of life of Peabody residents and the wider community. Priority will be given to projects addressing the needs of the most disadvantaged members of the community, projects led by Peabody residents and youth led projects which run for a period of at least six months. Examples of the type of project that can be funded include After school clubs; Sports, dance, creative arts and leisure activities for young people; literacy and numeracy projects for children and young people

City Bridge Trust – Connecting the Capital (London)

The City Bridge Trust (CBT) Connecting the Capital fund aims to make London’s Communities stronger, more resilient and thriving. To achieve this a healthy and vibrant voluntary sector is required that works with communities and across sectors. Applications to this programme must achieve at least one of the following: Local Communities have better, more sustainable assets (financial, physical, environmental); Civil society organisations are more effective and resilient; Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage are better heard and represented; Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage have greater well-being and independence through improved access to arts, sports and other community facilities and services. Up to five years funding is available and funding for core costs will be considered

Magic Little Grants (UK)

Localgiving has teamed up with the Postcode Community Trust to provide the Magic Little Grants programme. The fund provides small charities and community groups with grants of £500 for projects that meet either of the following themes: Overcoming barriers to participation in physical activities in creative ways; Increasing social cohesion through developing access to sports and other recreational activities. As part of the grant, organisations who are not currently members of Localgiving will also be awarded an annual Localgiving membership, worth £96, that will enable them to benefit from Localgiving's online fundraising support and services.

Dream Fund (England Scotland & Wales)

Walking & Cycling Grants for London (London)

Walking and Cycling Grants London is a programme which supports London’s diverse communities to walk and cycle more oftennot only as a means of transport but also a route to greater personal freedom, better health and more cohesive communities. The programme, funded by Transport for London and administered by Groundwork London, offers grants to projects of up to £10,000 over a three year period. The programme aims to increase walking and cycling and aims to make sure all Londoners benefit from the joys of walking and cycling.

Enovert Community Trust (UK)

Enovert Community Trust (formerly Cory Environmental Trust in Britain) is an Environmental body which supports community and environmental projects. The Trust awards grants under the terms of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), providing funding to a broad range of projects that have a positive impact on local communities. The Trust is committed to supporting community and environmental projects across the UK. These include improving community halls, the creation of new play areas and skate parks, and restoring green spaces. Fundraising by applicants is looked upon favourably by the Trustees. Applicants will need to secure a 10% third party contribution which will be payable to Enovert Limited prior to the project commencing.

Comic Relief Levelling the Field Grant (UK)

This is a £1 million initiative funded by Comic Relief and the UK Treasury. The scheme offers funding to projects that use the power of sport to empower women and girls to reach their full potential. Applications are welcomed for a minimum of £30,000 and a maximum of £250,000, over a period of between 12 and 36 months. Comic Relief wants to fund a variety of different types of projects that could include pilots for innovative pieces of work or the continued development of a proven piece of work. Funding is available for project delivery, research, or for a campaign. Applicant organisations should be working in partnerships where there is a track record of working with women and girls, and using sport as a tool for change.

Fans Fund Small Grants Scheme (UK)

The Premier League Fans Fund is a three year commitment from the Premier League and aims to improve the relationship between fans and their clubs, improve the way football supporters engage with each other and improve fans' experience of the game. There are two tiers of funding available, up to £5,000 or up to £20,000 and total costs for a project must not exceed £50,000. Funding is available for both one off events/campaigns and also for projects with duration of up to three years. Priority will be given to projects that strengthen the relationship between professional clubs and their fans, projects must have support from associated clubs before an application is considered.

Veolia Environmental Trust Grants (UK)

The Veolia Environmental Trust is a Distributive Environmental Body that awards grants as part of the Landfill Communities Fund. Constituted, not-for-profit groups within the vicinity of a qualifying Veolia site, can apply for grants for projects that support the natural, social and built environment. The type of activities that can be supported include Community buildings and rooms: such as community centres, village halls, community spaces within religious buildings, Scout/Guide buildings; Outdoor Spaces: e.g. public parks, nature reserves, community gardens, footpaths, or cycle-paths; Play and recreation: e.g. play areas, skate-parks, sports facilities.The maximum grant is £75,000 for projects with a total cost of under £250,000.



Football Foundation - Respect (England)

The Football Foundation is the UK’s largest sports’ charity. Youth football in England is enormously popular, there are over 55,000 teams and every weekend most players, coaches and referees have an enjoyable experience of the game. There are however occasions where some spectators fail to recognise that youth football is a time to learn the game and are aggressive, sarcastic and disrespectful. Some young players will imitate this behaviour whilst others will fail to fulfil their potential. The Football Foundation Respect scheme offers your club, school or league the opportunity to purchase Respect equipment (captains’ armbands, marshals’ bibs and Respect Signage) which, if used effectively, will help to promote the beautiful game. The scheme offers 50% off the normal cost price of these items. 

Rugby Football Foundation - Helping Hand Grants (England)

The Rugby Football Foundation is a Charitable Trust established by the Rugby Football Union.
The purpose of the Rugby Football Foundation is to promote and develop community amateur rugby in England. The 'Helping Hand Grant' provides a mechanism for clubs to apply for a small grant of between £500 and £1500 for eligible capital projects (for example a new set of rugby posts, redecorating the changing rooms etc) with the club matching the grant on a £ for £ basis.

Cycling Grants (London)

The programme aims to promote safer and more liveable streets by challenging current attitudes to transport and healthy living, encouraging more cycling, more often and more safely. Funding can be used for the purchase of bikes, tools and equipment as well as training for people who are not confident in their cycling ability or new to cycling. The programme is aimed at groups that are traditionally under-represented in cycling by reasons of income, health, ability, skills and access to information or equipment.

Premier League & the FA Facilities Fund (England)

Managed by the Football Foundation on behalf of the funding partners - the fund is committed to building or refurbishing grassroots football facilities for community benefit. Through the scheme, football clubs, schools, councils and local sports associations are able to access grants to improve facilities for football and other sport; sustain or increase participation amongst children and adults and help children and adults to develop their physical, mental, social and moral capacities through regular participation in sport. The types of facilities that the scheme can give money for include grass pitches drainage/improvements; pavilions, clubhouses and changing rooms; 3G Football Turf Pitches (FTPs) and multi-use games areas; fixed floodlights for artificial pitches.

Boost Charitable Trust (UK)

Boost Charitable Trust was created in 2005 to Build on Over-looked Sporting Talent. Their aim is to give opportunities to those who wish to fulfil their sporting ambitions, at any level. In particular, the Trust wants to fund projects that promote access to sport for socially or economically disadvantaged individuals, people with disabilities.Since inception, Boost has supported a number of organisations, with grants totalling in excess of £1.5 million. The majority has been focussed within the United Kingdom.  

The Kelly Family Charitable Trust (UK)

The Kelly Family Charitable Trust was founded in 2004 as a grant-giving body. The Trust is interested in funding charities whose activities involve the whole family in initiatives that encourage and nurture a supportive structure within the family unit, and whose aims include the development of strong and supportive family bonds by helping all elements of the family unit to grow together and support each other. Applications are also welcomed from sports and health-related charities whose activities meet the trust's criteria. Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 are available, but higher grants may be considered.

People's Postcode Trust - Small Grants Programme (England Scotland & Wales)

The People's Postcode Trust is a grant-giving body funded by players of the Peoples Postcode Lottery. The small grants scheme distributes funds to small organisations, community groups and registered charities in Scotland, England and Wales, through grants ranging from £500 - £20,000 (£10,000 in Wales). The Trust funds projects that prevent poverty; promote healthy living; uphold the human rights of vulnerable groups and help people come together for the benefit of their local area. The Trust will only fund projects that last a maximum of one year in duration (six months in Wales).

Dickie Bird Foundation Grants (UK)

The Dickie Bird Foundation was founded by former Test Cricket umpire Harold "Dickie" Bird MBE in March 2004, and provides grants, to assist financially disadvantaged young people under 16 years of age to participate in the sport of their choice irrespective of their social circumstances, culture or ethnicity. The aim of the grant is to help young people, who, through no fault of their own, are disadvantaged or underprivileged due to the financial situation of their family/guardians or carers and therefore are unable to follow or continue in the sport of their choice. The grants are to help with the cost of essential sports equipment.


Sport England - Small Grants Programme (England)

The Sport England Small Grants Programme has been set up to support local community sport projects which seek to increase participation, sustain participation or develop opportunities for people to excel at their chosen sport. For example, Sport England might provide a grant to a sports club to expand its age range by helping it to buy extra team kit or pay additional coaching fees. Or Sport England may help youth clubs work together with local sports clubs to get more young people playing sport. Not-for-profit clubs or associations, statutory bodies or educational establishments can apply for grants of between £300 and £10,000. 

Rugby Football Foundation - Interest Free Loans Scheme (England)

The Rugby Football Foundation is a Charitable Trust established by the Rugby Football Union. The purpose of the Rugby Football Foundation is to promote and develop community amateur rugby in England. The Foundation provides up to £100,000 in an interest free loan for capital works to clubs at level 3 and below which contribute to the retention and recruitment of community rugby players. The maximum loan period is 15 years. Loans are available on a ‘stand alone' basis, but projects are considered stronger if they include additional funding (internally or externally generated).

Rugby Football Foundation - Ground Match Scheme (England)

The Ground Match Scheme provides easy-to-access grant funding for playing projects, which contribute to the recruitment and retention of community rugby players. The maximum available grant is £5,000 and the minimum is £1,500 on a matched £ for £ basis. The funding can be used for capital improvements to the club's facilities which will support the retention and recruitment of players. These can include pitches (land purchase, pitch construction, drainage and levelling), clubhouses (all areas apart from bars), floodlights and equipment which supports the playing of the game (grounds maintenance, goalposts and perimeter fencing). The RFF will not fund works that would be classified as annual maintenance, such as end of season pitch renovation.

John Lyons Charity (London)

The John Lyon's Charity gives grants to groups and organisations for the benefit of children and young adults who are resident in the London boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Kensington and Chelsea, City of London and the City of Westminster. The Charity's mission is to promote the life-chances of children and young people through education, the grant-giving is divided into 9 programme areas: Arts & Science; Children and families; Education and Learning; Emotional Wellbeing; Special Needs and Disability; Sports; Training; Youth Clubs and Youth Activities; Youth Issues.

Reaching Communities Programme (England)

Reaching Communities provide grants to help improve local communities and the lives of people most in need, including hard to reach communities. There is a small revenue and a capital scheme and a larger buildings only fund. All projects must address one or more of the following outcomes. People have better chances in life, with better access to training and development to improve their life skills;  Stronger communities, with more active citizens, working together to tackle their problems;  Improved rural and urban environments, which communities are better able to access and enjoy; and Healthier and more active people and communities.

The National Lottery Community Fund - Awards for All (England)

Awards for All, England offers grants of between £300 and £10,000 for projects that improve communities, and the lives of people within them. It is for voluntary and community groups, schools and health organisations, parish and town councils.  To do this Awards for All fund projects that meet one or more of the following outcomes: People have better chances in life - with better access to training and development to improve their life skills; Stronger communities - with more active citizens working together to tackle their problems; Improved rural and urban environments - which communities are better able to access and enjoy; and Healthier and more active people and communities.