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Grants Available to Tackle Health Inequalities (Scotland)

The Health Lottery has announced that it is seeking applications for funding through the Active Communities Programme to support health initiatives in areas of Scotland most affected by health inequalities.

Health Lottery London Scotland is part of the People's Health Trust’s Active Communities programme which provides grant funding of between £5,000 and £20,000 per year (for up to two years) for projects designed and led by local people which target areas most affected by health inequalities. 

Projects will be small and local and could cover a few streets, a housing estate or a small village. The programme also supports Communities of Interest. These are groups of people who have things in common and wish to come together to address something that is important to them. These ideas could be based in one neighbourhood or cover a wider area but they must live close enough to each other to meet up regularly.

Projects that are applying as a community of interest, please contact the Active Communities Programme before completing the online application form. This is because the application process is slightly different for communities of interest. Applicants can either call the Active Communities programme on 020 7749 9100, or request a call back  or email.

Projects can last for between twelve months and two years.

The deadline to apply is 1pm on the 2nd March 2022.

Projects previously funded include:

  • A group for local older and younger people to get together in a local area and do activities together (for example craft, technology, history)
  • A group for adults to learn English and enterprise skills connected to sewing
  • A local magazine written by and for the benefit of disabled people, giving information and calling for action on matters affecting disabled people locally
  • A community cafe created and run by single parents as a space to meet, seek support and socialise
  • A peer support group for families with disabled children
  • A tenant’s action group for people living on an estate


Useful Links:

Map of Eligible Areas

Examples of Community of Interest Projects


If you are unsure whether you are a Neighbourhood or Community of Interest project please watch the video below.

9th February 2022