Local Funding

Huntingdonshire Voluntary Organisation Grants
Huntingdonshire District Council

Grant aid is currently available to a wide range of organisations, from small locally based organisations reliant upon volunteers, through to larger organisations employing paid staff.

Applicants will need to be planning activities that meet the Councils following priority areas:

- safe and active communities;

- a healthy population;

- a clean, green and attractive environment;

- a strong and diverse local economy;

- housing which meets with local needs; and

- accessible services and transport choices.

The funding available is for revenue costs only.

The closing date for applications is the last working day in November.
Voluntary organisations based in the district of Huntingdonshire.
There are two funding streams available. Grants of up to £1,000 and grants of over £1,000.
Dan Smith
Community Initiatives Manager
Huntingdonshire District Council
Pathfinder House
St Mary's Street

Email: dan.smith@huntsdc.gov.uk