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Didymus (England, Wales & International)

Didymus is a small, grant-making charity which supports organisations and individuals whose work is based in England, Wales, Africa and South America and fulfils the charity's aims which are to: encourage social inclusion; advance education; develop the arts; advance equality and diversity by creating opportunities for women; promote religious understanding. Funding is available up to a maximum of £5,000 and cannot be used for ongoing recurring expenses. Applications from large national charities or for issues deemed by the Trustees to be already well funded within the UK are not normally accepted.

Jephcott Charitable Trust Grant (UK)

The Jephcott Charitable Trust makes grants for charitable purposes in four main areas of funding: population control, the environment, education and health. Preference will be given to charities or projects which are having difficulty getting started, or raising funds from other sources. This often means that the Trust is funding capital projects, e.g for equipment or materials, rather than running costs. Grants are made to charities in all parts of the world. The Jephcott Charitable Trust does not support projects involving animal welfare or heritage sites or buildings. Projects which require long-term funding are not normally considered. Applications are considered at trustee meetings which are held in April and October. You will hear shortly after these meetings whether your applications have been successful or not.