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The Joffe Charitable Trust (UK)

The Joffe Charitable Trust aims to inspire and support people to do as much as possible to realise human rights and reduce poverty in developing countries. The focus of the trusts work is on two areas: tackling corruption & tax abuse and building stronger not-for-profit organisations. The trust encourage and support leaders to build stronger organisations that can achieve more over the long term. Grants are made to encourage strategic collaboration and convene events where they can be helpful.

The Kirby Laing Foundation (UK)

The Kirby Laing Foundation supports a wide range of Charities in the UK and abroad and has a particular interest in: Promotion of the Evangelical Christian faith: Education particularly science and engineering and youth development: Medical research particularly concerning dementia and stroke: social/medical welfare projects: Preservation of cultural/environmental heritage and improving access to the arts for young people: Overseas development projects. The trust operates a reactive small grants programme that is open to applications and a larger grants programme that is invitation only. A significant percentage of the grants awarded are for one-off capital purposes; most other grants are directed at specific projects meeting a clearly defined need, which cannot be met from statutory sources.

The Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust (UK)

The Trust has a specifically Christian focus and most grants are made to or through faith based organisations. The Trustees have three main areas of interest: Advancement of the Christian religion: Relief of poverty in the UK: Relief of poverty overseas. Support is offered to projects run by Churches or Christian organisations and registered Charities and includes support for Charities working overseas especially in Africa.

Didymus (England, Wales & International)

Didymus is a small, grant-making charity which supports organisations and individuals whose work is based in England, Wales, Africa and South America and fulfils the charity's aims which are to: encourage social inclusion; advance education; develop the arts; advance equality and diversity by creating opportunities for women; promote religious understanding. Funding is available up to a maximum of £10,000 and cannot be used for ongoing recurring expenses. Applications from large national charities or for issues deemed by the Trustees to be already well funded within the UK are not normally accepted.

Baring Foundation - International Development Programme (UK)

The Baring Foundation is an independent grantmaking trust. The International Development programme is aimed at challenging discrimination and disadvantage. In 2015 the Foundation launched a new programme that aims to empower locally based civil society organisations to address discrimination and disadvantage based on gender, sexual orientation or gender identity in sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation believe that discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities violates basic human rights, but also hampers broader development. Tackling discrimination can lead to fairer, more just communities and allows for development that benefits all in society equally. For this programme grants are considered by invitation only.

The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust (UK)

The Trust primarily funds projects both in the UK and abroad which support the Trust's interests of education, international friendship and understanding, and the promotion of world peace and development. 

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation (UK & International)

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation is a charitable family foundation established in 1999 to encourage a stronger, fairer civil society. It has granted more than £21 million to registered charities in the UK and abroad. The Foundation's funding is divided into two main categories: Education and Civil society. The trustees are interested in lasting social change, and in forming long-term partnerships with the organisations the Foundation supports. Grants in the past have ranged from several hundred pounds to grants of up to £2 million.

Childwick Trust Grant - Health (UK)

The Childwick Trust provides funding to registered charities to assist people with disabilities, the promotion of health, the elderly in need and for the welfare of people involved in the horse racing world. The Trust also helps a number of Jewish charities and funds pre-school education projects in South Africa. The overall focus is to make payments for the benefit of charities within the United Kingdom for the promotion of health particularly for the relief of the disabled and the aged in need. The funding amount is discretionary. The trustees meet twice a year, in July and January to consider applications. Applications can be submitted for these meetings between the months of April - May (for the July meeting) and October - November (for the January meeting).

Anchor Foundation Grant (UK)

The Anchor Foundation Grant focuses on Christian Charities concerned with social inclusion particularly through ministries of healing and the arts. In any one year the grant range to a project is usually between £500 and £12,000 for either capital or revenue funding and applications for projects abroad will be considered. It is the Trust's normal practice not to give grants to the same project for more than three years. Applications are considered at twice yearly trustees meetings in April and November and need to be received by 31st January and 31st July each year.

Jephcott Charitable Trust Grant (UK)

The Jephcott Charitable Trust makes grants for charitable purposes in four main areas of funding: population control, the environment, education and health. Preference will be given to charities or projects which are having difficulty getting started, or raising funds from other sources. This often means that the Trust is funding capital projects, e.g for equipment or materials, rather than running costs. Grants are made to charities in all parts of the world. The Jephcott Charitable Trust does not support projects involving animal welfare or heritage sites or buildings. Projects which require long-term funding are not normally considered. Applications are considered at trustee meetings which are held in April and October. You will hear shortly after these meetings whether your applications have been successful or not.

Noel Buxton Trust Grant (England, Scotland and Wales)

The Noel Buxton Trust Grants supports registered charities through the following programmes: Africa grants - focusses on economic development and favours work such as small business support and training, and microfinance in both urban and rural settings. The geographical focus for this funding is Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan; Family Grants - the current focus of funding for families is the issue of domestic abuse. The emphasis is on registered charities outside London, South-east England; Penal grants - recognises the variety of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations that work with offenders and supports the commitment of these organisations to the rehabilitation of offenders for the benefit of both the offender and society as a whole.

Scurrah Wainright Charity Grant (England)

The Scurrah Wainright Charity focuses on innovative work in the field of social reform, with a preference for 'root-cause' rather than palliative projects. The charity funds projects in England, primarily in Yorkshire and the North of England, as well as Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. It favours causes that are outside the mainstream, and unlikely to be funded by other charities. The Charity does not fund Individuals, Animal welfare, Buildings, Medical research or support for individual medical conditions or substitution for Government funding eg in education and health. Typically, grants are between £1,000 and £5,000, but in cases of exceptional merit larger grants may be awarded. 

Barbara Ward Children's Foundation Grant (UK)

The objectives of The Barbara Ward Children's Foundation are to carry out charitable purposes anywhere in the world, primarily in relation to children. Initially the foundation seeks to make grants to other charitable organisations with similar aims, in order to meet its goals. Since it was established in 2001 The Barbara Ward Children's Foundation has reviewed over 5700 requests for funding. They have approved grants to over 670 organisations totalling over £9.4 million. The charities they have supported have helped children in Barbados, Cameroon, England, Kenya, Kosovo, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Russia, Scotland and Wales. Applications can be submitted at any time.

The Wood Family Trust (Scotland / International)

The Wood Foundation (TWF) is a Scottish based charity with a Global outlook. In Sub Saharan Africa and in the UK, TWF will invest in economic, community and enterprise initiatives which develop and support individuals to become caring and contributing members of society. The Foundation is proactive by nature and will only accept applications through our global citizenship programme.  Funding is provided through three programme: Making Markets Work for the Poor Sub Saharan Africa; Facilitating Economic and Education Development in Scotland; and Developing Young People in Scotland

Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Multimedia Fund - WorldView (UK)

Administered through WorldView, bursaries of up to £10,000 are available to spend up to three months researching stories and programme/content ideas in the developing world. Applicants may find new stories while ‘in field’ but are expected to have already identified multiple story ideas that would be of interest to a diverse range of UK media outlets, prior to contacting WorldView. Applicants are expected to demonstrate significant research into the area they are proposing to visit and must also indicate a range of potential story ideas suitable for multimedia outlets in the UK, eg. local newspaper coverage, online, magazine features etc. Where possible, grantees will be expected to network with broadcast professionals in the countries they are visiting.

Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Project Development Fund (UK)

WorldView is a project of the Public Media Alliance. It aims to improve understanding and awareness of the wider world among a global audience via mainstream broadcast and digital media. Funding is available for projects that aim to promote better understanding of the developing world; highlighting the challenges and importance for both developed and developing countries of reducing poverty. Currently only established programme makers/media producers may apply. Individual producers are not excluded from applying to the fund, but are encouraged to approach established production companies to oversee their projects. Preference will be given to projects that aim to extend audience reach.