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Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund (England)

The Degree Apprenticeships Development Fund (DADF) provides funding to support new degree apprenticeships by: Creating new higher-quality apprenticeships; establishing capacity and expertise to deliver them and making broader educational opportunities available to learners. This funding is available for the development of degree apprenticeships courses only.

Higher Apprenticeship Fund (England)

The Higher Apprenticeship Fund is available to businesses and training providers to help them improve the skills of their apprentices and thereby drive growth in key sectors of the economy; including Aerospace / Aviation and Renewable Technologies / Micro-generation; etc..   Small businesses are particularly being targeted to set up apprenticeships. The government has asked the Skills Funding Agency to support 20,000 higher apprenticeships by July 2015 and has announced an additional £40m to fund places up until July 2015, and an extra £20m to fund the higher educational element to the end of March 2016.