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Nationwide Foundation - Backing Community-Led Housing (UK)

The Nationwide Foundation aims to increase the availability of good quality, affordable homes in the places where they are most needed.  Through the Community-led housing  programme, the Foundation will support communities to build new homes, create homes from empty properties, protect existing decent, affordable homes and provide homes of all types of tenure.

Community Housing Fund (England)

The Community Housing Fund will support an increase in housing supply by increasing the number of additional homes delivered by the community-led housing sector that is affordable at local income levels and remain so in perpetuity. The fund is split into two phases: Phase 1 – will support applications for revenue funding for project specific activities that support development of community-led housing proposals and capital bids for local infrastructure projects that will result in housing developments; Phase 2 – will provide capital funding to support the costs of building new community-led housing schemes.

John Ellerman Foundation Grants Programme (UK)

Within the UK, the Foundation provides grants to registered charities doing work of national significance that make a practical difference to people, society and the natural world.  Grants are made for projects in three categories: Social Action;Arts; Environment.  The Foundation distributes around £4 million in grants every year and the minimum grant that a charity can apply for is £10,000. A small number of Environment grants are made to projects in UK overseas Territories and exceptionally for marine projects outside UK waters.