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Ministry of Defence - Education Support Fund (UK)

State funded schools that cater for pupils of military service families can apply for to help meet the needs of pupils that are subject to exceptional mobility as a result of the family moving from one location to another resulting in a change of school for the child and/or have service children whose parents are subject to deployment such as on operational tours, long exercises, training courses etc. 

The Hodge Foundation (UK)

The Hodge Foundation provides grants of up to £100,000 to UK registered or exempt charities such as special needs schools and universities for projects that address the objectives of the Foundation.  This includes supporting charities working with people who may be vulnerable or disadvantaged and who need assistance to improve their lives;  education and learning, both within formal school settings and practical approaches to learning which support young people to fulfill their potential and thrive including those with special needs; medical related charities specialising in the treatment and support for specific illnesses and research; and providing funds towards projects such as facilities in church buildings and inclusive activities for the wider community.