Local Funding

Cambridgeshire County Council Grant Aid Programme 06/07
Cambridgeshire County Council
Small not for profit, community groups (not individuals) operating in Cambridgeshire are able to apply for funds of up to £3,000 if the groups are providing services or support to the following target beneficiaries:

1) children who face difficulties and disadvantage

2) adults who are vulnerable through old age, disability,
or mental health issues

3) carers looking after those suffering long term illness

4) people dealing with a traumatic event (such as
bereavement, rape)

The application can be for funds to:

• support the core costs of an established service*;

• provide first time funding; and

• support innovation in service delivery.

For established, ongoing services Cambridgeshire County Council is keen to encourage groups to think about their own sustainability and their capacity to deliver improved services in future years. The Council wishes to encourage groups seeking core costs to show the steps they are planning to strengthen their group. Applications showing how the group will increase its own capacity by, for example, increasing the number and diversity of volunteers, offering training for staff/volunteers in general management, and seeking or establishing new sources of funding/income, are welcomed.

Applications should be submitted (preferably electronically by email) by the deadline date of 28th October 2005. All applications will be acknowledged in writing within 10
days of receipt. Decisions will be notified in writing in March 2006. uding access adaptations to buildings
Not for profit community groups with an annual income of less than £50,000.
Grants of up to £3,000
Please send your application with enclosures to:

FAO J Darlington
Cambridgeshire Community Foundation
St John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road