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Cambridge City Council - Economic Policy Grants
Cambridge City Council
Cambridge City Council provides grants to enhance the capacity of the voluntary and community sectors to target barriers to work, training, and skills development in the local community.

Economic Policy Grants are split into 2 categories.

Core Programme - A yearly grant, split into two installments which are awarded around April and October. Organisations must set aims and objectives for their project and meet them to justify their grant. The completion of two monitoring forms is obligatory.

Open Awards - Have the same criteria as the Economic Policy Grants but organisations can apply throughout the year for small sums of money (up to £5000).

The completion of one monitoring form is obligatory.

The Economic Policy section also aims to visit each of the organisations during the year to check on their progress and discuss and provide help and advice concerning any problems or barriers that they may be facing.

The deadline for applications in 2005 is the 29th October.
Not-for-profit organisations that benefit the Cambridge city area.
Please contact Cambridge City Council for further details.
Andrew Poulton - Economic Policy Officer
Tel: 01223 457181
Email: andrew.poulton@cambridge.gov.uk

Frances Schulz - Research & Support Officer
Tel: 01223 457180
Email: frances.schulz@cambridge.gov.uk