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Cambridge City Council - Sustainable City Project Grants
Cambridge City Council
The Sustainable City Project Grants are available to locally based organisations/ individuals undertaking practical projects which support one or more of the priority areas identified by the Environment Strategy and involve and/or bring benefits to the residents of Cambridge.

The Sustainable City Project Grants aim to address three themes:

a. Promoting environmental awareness and good practice

b. Supporting practical community-based actions and initiatives to address environmental issues

c. Influencing Council policy and working practices.

To be successful applications need to meet the following criteria:

- The extent to which the project supports the objectives specified by the Environment Strategy

- The evidence of need for the project

- Other sources of funding available to the project

- Whether the aims of the project are clear, and achievable within the specified timescales and budget

- Whether the project represent “value for money” (comparing the grant requested against the benefits specified)
Organisations and individuals based in Cambridge.
Grants up to £5,000
Helen Witherington,
Environment Publicity & Projects Officer,

Tel: (01223) 457046,
E-mail: helen.witherington@cambridge.gov.uk