Local Funding

Cambridgeshire Global Grants
Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services
The Cambridgeshire Global Grants scheme provides grants to community and voluntary groups that wish to develop activities that promote that tackle unemployment, promote lifelong learning and training.

The funding is being made available through the European Social Fund Objective 3 which funds projects under 5 key themes:

- Active Labour Market Policies

- Equal Opportunities and Promoting Social Inclusion

- Lifelong Learning

- Adaptability and Entrepreneurship

- Improving the Participation of Women in the Labour Market

The Cambridgeshire Global Grants scheme aims to support small local groups that may not have the capacity to take advantage of ESF Objective 3 main stream funding and priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received levels of European funding.
Global Grants are only available to organisations whose work benefits the Greater Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area only.
Applications for the funding must range between £500 to £10,000.
Chris Hendry
Global Grants Administrato
Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service
3 Lincoln Court
Lincoln Road

Tel. 01733 342683,
Fax. 01733 559057,
E mail. Chris.Hendry@pcvs.co.uk