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New Bursary Launched to Attract Underrepresented Pupils into Engineering (UK)

EngineeringUK is launching its STEM bursary scheme to help school students get creative and inspired by STEM through fun, hands-on activities.  The initiative, launched to address financial constraints faced by many schools, particularly targets those with a significant proportion of students underrepresented in engineering.

Under the scheme, primary schools meeting EngineeringUK's Priority Schools criteria can apply for a £550 bursary to participate in engaging experiences facilitated by Neon, a platform designed to introduce students to future STEM careers. Secondary schools, meanwhile, are eligible for a £750 bursary towards similar activities.

Additionally, secondary schools can opt for a £500 bursary to organize a STEM-themed event through the Big Bang at School Blueprint. The overarching goal of these bursaries is to broaden STEM participation, reaching beyond students already inclined towards science and engineering.

Applications for the bursaries will be accepted until 31st July 2024.

The funding opportunity supports schools in providing hands-on STEM experiences and encourages the involvement of underrepresented groups in engineering. By offering financial aid to schools, EngineeringUK aims to inspire a new generation of STEM enthusiasts, potentially shaping future astronauts, app designers, and AI architects.

30th May 2024