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Funding for the Rehabilitation of Young Offenders (Kent)

The NewColyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust’s Investing in Rehabilitation programme makes grants to support the rehabilitation of offenders and to help reduce the collateral consequences of their imprisonment for their families, with the aim of reducing reoffending.

This programme will support organisations that work to break the cycle of reoffending.

Eligible organisations will be a registered charity, CIC, social enterprise or other properly constituted not-for-profit organisation with a management committee with at least three unrelated members; and be working with people living in, or in custody within Kent.

Extra priority will be given to groups that:

  • Clearly explain the focus of their work and define its intended outcomes
  • Demonstrate a commitment to service user involvement
  • Demonstrate collaborative/partnership working

One-off and multi-year grants in the range of £7,500 to £75,000 will be awarded. However, organisations wishing to apply for a smaller or larger sum should write to the Chief Executive, Jacqueline Rae: with a brief summary of their application (no more than 300 words) before applying.   

This is a rolling programme and applications can be submitted at any time.


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13th January 2022