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Grants to Promote and Secure Better and Safer Roads (UK)

The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund offers grants and bursaries ranging from £5,000 to £30,000 to support research, educational endeavours, and community projects with the overarching goal of enhancing road infrastructure in terms of design, engineering, and aesthetics, while also improving the overall experience of road users.

Funding is available for a variety of activities, including courses leading to qualifications in traffic engineering and transport planning, research initiatives, and programs aimed at enhancing the highway network and the roadside environment, such as the development of roadside parks and open spaces.

In exceptional cases, the Trustees of the Fund may consider awarding approximately £50,000 to projects that demonstrate the potential to bring about significant and transformative changes in the provision and experience of roads within the UK.

Projects that fall outside the responsibility of other funding sources, such as government agencies and research councils, are given priority by the Fund. Additionally, applications that feature contributions from other funding partners are welcomed.

The Fund's Trustees show a preference for:

  • Proposals that have a national, rather than merely local, impact or significance.
  • Collaborative projects involving other funding partners, unless the request for funding is for a very modest amount.
  • Innovative ideas and topics that have not yet been explored or addressed elsewhere, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the provision of safe, sustainable, and enjoyable roads in the UK.
  • Projects that have garnered support from relevant stakeholders or decision-makers or have a well-defined plan for securing such support.
  • Initiatives capable of effecting tangible change or improvements within a 24-month timeframe.

Eligible applicants encompass educational institutions, charitable organisations, and social enterprises.

Individuals considering applying to the Fund are advised to initiate the process by contacting the Secretary at This initial contact should include a brief overview of the proposed project and the desired level of funding. Applicants will receive further information and an application form upon registration of their interest.

The next application deadline is the 4th October 2024.


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