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South Cambs Announces Funding Fair 2005
South Cambridgeshire District Council has announced that the Funding Fair 2005 will be held on Wednesday the 21st September 2005 between 3 - 7pm at Girton College, Cambridge.

Aimed at Parish Councillors, voluntary groups and non-profit making groups, the event will bring local and national funding organisations together with local community groups.

During the Funding fair, there will also be a number of workshops that participants can attend. These will include:

- Young People's Fund - what it is, who can apply and how to

- Landfill Tax Credit Scheme - understanding the scheme and
obtaining funding.

- Getting the Structure right - the next step - the purpose of this
workshop is to guide you through the Charity Commission
Document CC22 'Choosing and preparing a Governing

- How to become a registered charity - What you need to
know, including completing the application form.

For more information on the Funding Fair please click on the link below.
5th August 2005