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Funding for Financial Life Skills Projects (UK)

The MSE Charity, which supports the development of financial skills for adults facing life-altering transitions, has announced that it has re-opened for applications.

Established in 2006 by founder Martin Lewis, the MSE Charity is a UK-based organisation dedicated to providing grants to not for profit organisations that implement financial literacy programmes. Since its inception, the charity has awarded over £1 million in grants to organisations across the UK.

This funding round will support projects that empower adults impacted by life-changing transitions, including dementia, autism, learning difficulties, disabilities, caring responsibilities, mental illness, brain injuries, and stroke.

Grants of up to £8,000 will be available to suitably qualified non-profit organisations with an annual income of up to £750,000 and less than six months of free reserves.

The funding round will close once 40 applications have been accepted or by the 16th February 2024, whichever comes first.


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15th January 2024