Grant News

Grants to Support Individuals & Families in Need (UK)

Grants of up to £2,000 are available to charities, housing associations, schools and social services providing support for individuals and families across the UK who are in financial need.

The Cosaraf Charitable Foundation’s Hardship Grants will support individuals and families who have exhausted all other sources of funding and are struggling with everyday costs, such as basic living expenses, household items and utilities, work- or education-related expenses, or rent arrears.

Priority will be given to:

  • the most financially excluded people
  • families over individuals
  • those with caring responsibilities
  • items that will make the most difference to the individual/family’s long-term future

Other than in exceptional cases, Hardship Grants will only be made available for:

  • Household items (white goods and occasionally other items i.e. sofas, wardrobes etc.)
  • Basic Living Expenses (Utilities or food)
  • Work- or education-related expenses (interview clothes, school uniforms, laptops)
  • Rent arrears and Council tax arrears, but only where there is a clear and obvious risk of homelessness (for rent arrears involving a social landlord please outline what support has already been offered to your tenant)
  • Contribution to immigration-related costs, where the current immigration status directly causes financial hardship to the applicant

The Foundation distributes both Zakat and Sadaqah funds; please read our Zakat Distribution Policy for more information.  Sadaqah funds are available for all people of all faiths and none.  Zakat funds are only available for Muslim applicants.

Applications can be made at any time and are assessed every six weeks.

21st June 2024