Grant News

Funding for Collaborative Projects that Support Primary Science Teaching (UK & Ireland)

Grants of up to £600 (€690) are available to support the teaching of science in primary schools in the UK in Ireland.

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Primary Science Teaching Empowerment Fund is designed to help schools plan and organise collaborative projects or events aimed at improving science teaching at primary level, and developing leadership skills in teachers and technicians.

The funding will cover event costs and up to one day of teaching so that teachers can plan the project or event.

Applications are particularly encouraged for projects that:

  • support teachers at schools that are in hard-to-reach areas, either due to geography or social disadvantage.
  • support teachers planning for a curriculum change.
  • support teachers facing challenges in primary science teaching, such as a lack of experience with practicals, teaching outside their specialism, or maintaining their wellbeing.

The closing date for applications is the 17th November 2023.

18th October 2023