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£25 Million Fund Launched to Support the Growth of Emerging Green Industries (UK)

UK Research and Innovation has launched a new £25 million fund to support the growth of emerging green industries across the UK.

The funding will support the establishment of five co-created Accelerating the Green Economy Centres.

These centres will accelerate the development of market-informed solutions into commercial products and services that will drive the growth of the green economy.

The types of challenges that could be addressed include net zero buildings retrofit, local hydrogen development and rollout, and designing and manufacturing net zero products.

This funding opportunity should involve collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Who can apply:

  • higher education providers
  • eligible research institutes
  • NHS bodies
  • approved public sector research establishments
  • approved independent research organisations
  • research technology organisations (including the Catapults)

UK Research and Innovation will fund 80% of the full economic cost of projects up to £5 million.

Funding can be used to support:

  • UKRI facilities costs
  • non-academic staff
  • civic bodies including enterprise, development, or skills bodies, local authorities and other local stakeholders to support dialogue between stakeholders
  • secondments
  • staff exchanges
  • travel
  • training
  • other standard expenses

Awards will start on the 1st July 2024 and last for four years.

There is a two-stage application process. Outline applications should be submitted by 4pm on the 12th December 2023.


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13th October 2023