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Fat Beehive Foundation (UK)

The Fat Beehive Foundation is an independent UK registered charity that provides small grants for websites and digital products to other small UK registered charities.   The aim of the Foundations is to help these organisations carry out their work in a more efficient and effective way, resulting in positive social benefit.

The Garfield Weston Foundation - Education (UK)

The Garfield Weston Foundation is a charitable grant-making foundation, which supports a wide range of causes across the UK, donating over £70 million annually. The Trustees have a preference for charities directly delivering services and activities to those in need and are especially keen to see applications from charities in the Welfare, Youth and Community sectors and also in regions of economic disadvantage.   Through its Education programme, the Foundations supports education projects, from small local projects such as reading schemes and after school clubs, to major institutions such as universities.

Clarion Futures Digital Fund (UK)

Clarion Futures Digital Fund is dedicated to promoting digital inclusion to social housing residents enabling them to access the benefits the digital world has to offer.  The Fund is designed to support Clarion residents of all ages to get and stay online and to use the internet as an everyday tool, safely and confidently. Not-for-profit organisations with projects that can prove that the majority of beneficiaries will be Clarion residents can apply for funding of between £1,000 and £5,000. The fund aims to reach:- residents who have never used the internet before; residents who may have previously used online facilities but are unaware of the full potential to use the internet in their everyday lives; residents with limited internet skills.

Transform Foundation Facebook Grants (UK)

The Transform Foundation offers grants of £5000 to charities to spend on Facebook advertising. In addition, successful charities will receive an agency-managed service through a technology partner who will create content, deploy and optimise the adverts. The most successful organisations i.e. those who achieve the highest return on the initial investment, may receive a further grant of £10,000. Successful applicants will be expected to have a clear, measurable plan for deploying the funding to generate income or impact.

Voctech Impact Fund (UK)

The Voctech Impact Fund aims to raise the skills level of the UK workforce through digital solutions for vocational learning. The fund will offer grants of £150,000 plus, for projects up to 18 months long. The emphasis of the project must be on new learning tools which use genuinely innovative methods to raise the skills levels for a significant number of learners.

Transform Foundation Website Grant Programme (UK)

The Transform Foundation is a charity for charities that aims to turn digital into a powerful force for generating more money and impact for causes. The Foundation does this by giving tech grants, conducting research and bringing together expertise to move charities forward. The Website Grant programme covers the upfront costs of a new charity-specific website including strategy, design, development and training. Grants of £18,000 will directly pay for the entire upfront costs of designing and building a website through the Foundations technology partner, Raising IT.

Thomas Wall Trust - Grants for Registered Charities (UK)

The Thomas Wall Trust offers grants up to £5,000 towards specific projects or core activities that support literacy, numeracy, digital and additional skills for learning that are likely to assist employment prospects. The Trust recognises that the future of the labour market will become increasingly competitive, with employers placing greater emphasis on transferable skills.