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The Garfield Weston Foundation - Education (UK)

The Garfield Weston Foundation is a charitable grant-making foundation, which supports a wide range of causes across the UK, donating over £70 million annually. The Trustees have a preference for charities directly delivering services and activities to those in need and are especially keen to see applications from charities in the Welfare, Youth and Community sectors and also in regions of economic disadvantage.   Through its Education programme, the Foundations supports education projects, from small local projects such as reading schemes and after school clubs, to major institutions such as universities.

SODEXHO Foundation Stop Hunger Campaign (UK)

Stop Hunger is a worldwide Sodexo initiative active in more than 40 countries. Through the initiative, the Sodexo Foundation donate time, skills and money to tackle hunger, support good nutrition and promote life skills in local communities. In the UK and Ireland the Stop Hunger Foundation is a grant giving organisation and its vision is to work with very best charities that exist to tackle hunger and malnutrition; promote healthy lifestyles; and develop life skills such as cooking. Previous grant awards have ranged between £1,500 and £120,000, however first time applicants can only apply for a maximum of £10,000. Organisations who have previously received funding include Fare Share who redistributes surplus food destined for landfill to local charities and community groups across the UK and Focus Ireland who support homeless people in Dublin by providing hot nutritious meals.

Cheshire Community Foundation (Cheshire)

Cheshire Community Foundation (CCF) is one of 48 community foundations across the UK. The Foundation's aim is to support organisations that have a strong connection to the communities they want to serve, who can demonstrate that they have consulted with the people who are going to benefit from the project and where it can be clearly demonstrated at the end of the funding period what difference the grant has made to the lives of people in Cheshire. Support generally falls under the broad heading of social welfare. CCF is able to fund a wide range of project costs and will fund projects that encourage new ideas or organisations that are setting up in response to an identified need.

Institute of Mathematics Education Grant Scheme (UK)

Individuals working in secondary schools, Colleges of Further Education (FE) and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) can apply for a grant to help with the costs of running or attending an educational activity relating to mathematics. The types of activities supported can include hosting a mathematics event, e.g. Maths Trails, Maths Competitions; attendance at appropriate conferences, e.g. Mathematics Works; travel expenses to attend appropriate events; supply cover required for the teacher to attend the appropriate event; etc.

Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies (UK)

The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies was founded to advance the study of Greek language, literature, history, art and archaeology in the Ancient, Byzantine and Modern periods. The Society aims to help those engaged in Hellenic Studies at all levels, and to this end it makes grants of various kinds to schools, universities and other institutions, undergraduates, graduate students and young researchers. The Society also manages the Dover Fund, whose purposes are to further the study of the history of the Greek language in any period from the Bronze Age to the 15th century AD, and to further the edition and exegesis of Greek texts, including papyri and inscriptions, from any period within those same limits. For schools, funding goes towards the development of new courses in Greek books & other teaching materials Classics days or conferences Greek plays by schools summer schools.

The WHSmith Group Charitable Trust (UK)

The objectives of the WHSmith Trust is to support the local communities in which WHSmith staff and customers live and work and; to support education and lifelong learning, helping people of any age to achieve their educational potential. Grants can be made under the following headings: Grants to local charities in which members of staff are directly involved, Grants to support education and lifelong learning, Supporting employee volunteering - Volunteers in Schools, Supporting employee volunteering - Community challenges and Supporting employee volunteering.

Gannett Foundation Grants (UK)

The Gannett Foundation is a corporate foundation sponsored by Gannett Co. Inc. Through its Community Grant Programme, Gannett Foundation supports non-profit activities in the communities in which Gannett does business. This includes the USA and the UK. Community action grant priorities include education and neighbourhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem-solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment. Through its other programs, the Foundation invests in the future of the media industry, encourages employee giving, reacts to natural and other disasters, and contributes to a variety of charitable causes.